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The Team

The people who brought the games to life


Left- Stu is currently a mature student paramedic at LJMU, and alongside Jen, came up with the concept of the paramedic games. He got the original concept off the ground, started this website and designed all of the game's branding. He plays a key role in promoting the games and keeping the vision on track. He is instrumental in writing the rulebook, promoting affiliations and maintaining professionalism. His hobbies include collecting bags for life and answering emails 


Center- Jen is currently the only qualified paramedic on the team and a member of the LJMU faculty. With that, she brings some much-needed experience and knowledge. When not teaching students or marking assignments, Jen takes care of pretty much all of the university side of the games. From booking rooms and kit, setting up meetings and filling out risk assessments, to designing our scenarios. Jen gained experience in paramedic competition when working with the London ambulance service, and from this experience, the concept of a student competition was born.


Right- probably the best-looking member of the team, and also the only one to write his own bio. Mitch is a mature student paramedic at LJMU. He joined the team early in the development phase, realising just how good of an idea the concept was. Mitch has various roles that include photography/videography, running social media, event planning, designing the rules and planning the timetable for the days of the event. 

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