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Future of the games

Since running our proof of concept games, the feedback we have received has been amazing. We have also been inspired to push the concept as far as we can to make the games everything they can be. The improvements will happen in stages, with each game improving on the last. Below is a sample of how we hope to progress. However, we cant tell you everything, we wouldn't want to spoil any surprises for the next games. 

introducing other universities 

The games began as a competition for LJMU student paramedics. However, since our proof of concept, we realise they can be so much more than that. Starting 2023, we hope to invite students from other northwest universities in order to drive up the competitiveness of our participants. The hope is that including other universities will inspire teams to train in advance, and really push themselves during the competition. With that, we hope to begin a series of additional training days for teams in advance of the competition. These days will focus on teamwork, allowing our participants to begin thinking with a similar mindset to clinicians on the road, as opposed to a student looking to pass an OSCE. The days will also cover skills that are only lightly touched on in university, such as trauma. 


Increasing Fidelity 

We were very happy with the level of fidelity in our first competition. A massive thank you to Changes Plus and Focus on Involvement, the organisations that provided our patients and bystanders. Moving forward, our aim is to build and improve on this with every competition. In 2023 we are hoping to hire a local special effects company, in order for our participants to really believe they are experiencing the scenario. In addition to the increase in fidelity, we have decided to improve the access to welfare for our participants.  Our proof of concept games highlighted to the paramedic games team that our highly realistic scenarios may impact negatively on the mental health of some of the participants. It is therefore only reasonable to provide access to mental welfare services is our participants desire it. 

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