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How the games begun

The games are the brainchild of a 2nd-year student paramedic and a qualified paramedic lecturer who got together to discuss how the paramedic program can be improved to include more engaging and exciting activities. A discussion was had around the lecturer's first-hand experience at an international competition whilst working for LAS. Without the opportunity for students to partake within the UK, a team was assembled to put plans in place. The Paramedic Games concept was born…


Building the games 

Throughout the 2022 academic year, the Paramedic Games working group slowly began to devise and build the games. If it was going to work, we needed to take a professional approach from the outset. Our team worked tirelessly, to construct and promote the concept, alongside any university work we had to complete. we designed the scenarios and booked out all the equipment and facilities we needed. Liverpool John Moores supported the concept from the start and provided us a budget to put the games together. Finally, we contacted service user organisations, Changes Plus, and Focus on involvement, who were excited to play the part of patients and bystanders. with the support of the paramedic faculty and volunteer paramedics, the games were ready for students. 

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