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How the games work

The Paramedic Games will take place over the duration of the 13th and 14th of June, 2024. 8 teams of 6 will complete in 10 realistic, high-fidelity different scenarios and are awarded points based on their performance. These points are for both technical and non-technical skills. Teams may find themselves at a Cardiac Arrest one minute, providing well-drilled ALS, then the next minute utilising their communication skills to talk down someone from behind a door who is experiencing a mental health crisis. 


We encourage you to sign up to the games with a friend. This should be someone you work well with and who has the same skill set (the same year at university). Once all of the spaces have been filled, you will be teamed up with 4 more students from the remaining 2 cohorts, ensuring every team has a full mix of skills. These teams are decided by the Paramedic Games Working Group.

Teams will have plenty of opportunities to get to know each other and practice together prior to the games. we hope to put on a series of practice and learning days for those taking part in the games to hone their teamwork and skills.    


The Games

The first day starts with teams attending an induction brief to review the rules and any other necessary information, then collect and check their kit and information pack. You will then follow your timetable indicating what time you are to attend each scenario. teams will attend five scenarios on Day one, and five on Day Two.

Before each scenario, you will be given any information you need by an MDT-style printout. This will display what your next scenario is and you can decide who in your team will attend (not every team member will be needed in every scenario, giving some of your members a chance to have break). Between scenarios, you will have the opportunity to restock your kit, have a cup of tea and socialise. there will also be a number of bonus tasks to complete for extra points, such as our QCPR station - where your quality of CPR will be assessed, and various easter eggs in each scenario. At the end of the second day, the scores for each teams will be added up, and the winner of the Paramedic Games announced in an award ceremony.

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